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The Garden in Winter

Your garden is often still in view during the winter months, either through the windows or on your way in or out.  Why not design it to look almost as nice during the cold season as it does in spring and summer?

Shrubs often have winter fruit, which is not only attractive to us, but also to birds who depend on the berries for their winter nutrition.  Some plants leave colorful stems after leaf drop. And dry flower heads, such as on Hydrangeas, or seed heads from many perennials, such as Coneflower, provide visual interest, structure, and once again, food for birds.

The branching structure of certain ornamental trees can also create interesting shapes and patterns in the winter landscape, and some have interesting bark.  Garden ornamentation, such as statues and birdhouses complement the garden all year long.

Our certified landscape designer can help you to choose the plants that will not only perform well in your yard, but also keep your landscape interesting through all seasons

.img_5120 (2) img_5118 (2) IMG_5115 (2) img_5116 (2) Winter Red Winterberry Holly  Winterberry Holly


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