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The October snowstorm has devastated our beautiful gardens and landscapes with crushed and broken trees.  Once the trees, or what’s left of them have been removed, we can look at it as a new beginning. Think about that pretty pink flowering crabapple tree you’ve always admired, now you have a spot to plant it!

Some trees took the worst hit, such as Bradford Pears, which are weak-wooded, or Magnolias, which have huge leaves that were so weighted down with the heavy wet snow.

It’s not too late in the season to plant new deciduous trees.  Trees that drop their leaves in the fall can be planted as long as the ground is not too frozen to dig in.  These trees go dormant for the winter, but their roots are still actively growing.  The additional moisture in the soil over winter helps them to establish good roots without the worry of watering.  It’s actually the best time to plant them!  For evergreens, it’s better to wait until spring.  They are more susceptible to winter burn if their roots are not established by the time the cold drying winds of winter set in.

Whether you want to plant now, or wait till spring, call us now to help you choose the best trees for your property that will bring you cool summer shade,  lovely blooms and beautiful fall color for years to come!




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